College hookups

During college, and before any of the hooking up, dating, or romance begins for you, the first step is actually introducing yourself to people that you are interested in. Approaching fellow college students and saying a simple “hello” may not be as easy as it seems, especially for guys who are new to dating.
Guys can be extremely nervous when it comes to going up to girls, let alone going up to them, and then hitting on them. A fear of rejection or lack of experience in high school may be a key reason these guys aren’t going on the dates, or hanging out with the ladies that they’d like to. A little liquid courage always helps, but if it’s daytime and you’re in class with a pretty classmate, you may find yourself freaked out to meet her.
Here are some steps you may find useful the next time you’d like to introduce yourself to a pretty girl.
Step 1. Pay attention. If you notice in class that she has a certain coffee she likes to drink, or that she is interested in a topic that the professor discusses, pick up on that. Females love a guy who is showing interest in her.
Step 2. Be confident. Walk up to her with a smile, say something like, “Hi, I’m (insert name here). I liked what you had to say about XY and Z in class today. You made some good points. Maybe we can grab coffee before class/after class.”… You get the point.
Step 3. Don’t say what you’re really thinking. You may see her and think, “Hey, you are smokin’ hot. Let’s pound tequila shots tonight and then hook up.” But even if you’re thinking those thoughts, you want to be semi- classy. I know it’s college, but every guy should have some class. Come on, just a little.
Step 4. Fear nothing. Think about it this way, if you ask her out for coffee or drinks, and she politely declines, there are so many more choices out there. So, keep your options open. Basically, don’t just like one girl, like a bunch, because if you are rejected by her, you won’t feel such despair, and can be optimistic that the next girl may say yes. However, please see next step before giving up on her!
Step 5. Be intuitive about why she said no. If you really like her, and she shoots you down, think about pursuing her a couple more times. She could be playing hard to get, or she could just have another guy in mind. Either way, pay attention to her body language. You can usually tell if a girl is giving you a polite brush off, or if she’s being sassy and wants you to chase her more.
Now, for the ladies, if you shoot down a bunch of guys, who cares! See above. Guys aren’t just asking you out, they are probably asking out the girl at the grocery store, the gym, their other classes, etc. So, be picky and don’t settle for anything less than what you want. Seriously, there are thousands of guys on campus – you stay true to keeping your standards high, and feel fine saying no to them if they don’t make the cut.

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