Dating in College

One of the major perks about college is the dating scene. It is such a fun time of exploring and discovering and perhaps, even falling in love and finding your life partner.
A Fresh Start
College is great because it gives you a clean slate. No one on campus has the preconceived notions about you that have been following you since elementary school. The problem with being put into a stereotype by the people around you is that it limits opportunities. In college, no one yet knows who you are and therefore, no one will try to tell you who is right for you and who isn’t. So go ahead, take a look around and try dating guys that are vastly different from each other. One date might be with that super arty guy and the next with the business major.
Say Yes
As long as the guy who asks you on a date isn’t creepy or giving you a weird vibe, say yes. This is the perfect opportunity to get out of your dating rut. Maybe you’ve had past failed relationships because you’ve been dating the same personality over and over again even if that personality is not compatible with yours. Saying yes to an unexpected invitation can give you a jolt you need.
Figure Out the Qualities that Are Important
The great thing about dating a variety of guys is you start to realize the personality traits that are important to you. During your dates you’ll listen to what the guy has to say about life, family, and goals. You may come to the conclusion that a guy who is really close to his family is a valuable trait for you, or that you need a guy who is more independent and makes you his priority.
Less Commitment
Remember everyone is in the same boat as you are when they are in college. They are just trying to figure out who they are and what they want out of life. Until there is a discussion between you and the guy about exclusively dating each other, assume that he is dating other women at the same time he is dating you. Don’t be angry by this, because you should be doing the same! Life is too short and too fun to limit yourself immediately from the get-go. However, when you do find someone who you want to commit to, let the other guys you are dating down gently.
Split the Tab
College is expensive and you should be a considerate dater. When going out, offer to split the tab with the poor guy. He’ll probably really appreciate it and also think you’re cool for offering. That and you keep a little power on your side. Believe it or not, some guys think if they buy you a drink, you own them something at the end of the night. Get to know the guy first, then let him buy you dinner.

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