Dating Rules

Dating is a very emotional thing. It is so important to have rules and guidelines set that you will follow when dating someone, and it is important to have these set before making a commitment with someone.

Charm: Being charming is one of the most important things when dating someone. When you meet someone or talk with someone in person, be the type of person you’d want to hang out with.

Challenge: Social media, in a sense, is ruining the rules and ways of dating. Twitter, Facebook, and texting are taking away the thrill of the hunt in dating. Steer away from this route and keep things more personal. If you can’t do it in person, at least ask her out over the phone. At least!

Slow Down: A big mistake many people make when dating is going way too fast. Kissing on the first date may seem like “the norm”, but it really is not wise. Take things slow and find out who each of you are as a person and if this is really someone you are compatible with. If this is “the one” for you, you have years ahead of you to take it fast.

Don’t Exclude Friends: It’s all too easy to get caught up in a relationship when you meet a guy or girl who is just perfect! It is so important to manage all of your relationships and find a healthy balance. All of your time and devotion should not go to someone you are dating. What happens if the two of you break-up? You will need your friends and family behind you to help you through it. You need your other relationships in your life!

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