How to cope with college stress

Pontius Joseph is an American author, poet, and filmmaker. He is born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Former NAACP member, and former Executive Treasurer of Men of Distinction inc.He has his Bachelors of Science in Hospitality from Johnson & Wales University- North Miami. Pontius Joseph is the Author of A Gentleman with a C.S.L: a young gentlemen’s guide to dating & relationships.

Dealing with college life is one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime. In your college life, you will encounter different personalities, different situations, different activities, and different cultures. The one thing that I can say to get yourself successfully through college life and have an awesome experience is to stay organized. Staying organized and being very proactive during the day. Organization consists of balancing coursework and social life. The key factor is knowing how to correspond your time to accompany coursework and social life. For example, Thursday night of the week is a great time to complete all your coursework to be free for the weekend. Let’s be honest, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays can be filled with various activities that consume a lot of time. Be proactive on the days that you do not have classes.
The most useful thing that you can do as a college student is weigh out what is important. The most important thing should be is coursework. You must remember that you are going to college to get more educated not to have a fiesta with friends every night of the week. Figuring out what is important is solely up to your discretion. In my opinion, Coursework is number one and everything else is number two.
One of my favorite tools to stay organized and proactive is a calendar app on a mobile phone. A calendar app is a simple strategy to stay organized in college. A calendar app allows you to configure your calendar according to your daily activities, task and assignment that would need to be completed by deadlines. A calendar app will help you stay afloat in your college life without the worrying of sinking trying to remember your daily agenda. Another great tool I have always used to keep me proactive is my alarm clock on my mobile phone. Unlike a regular alarm clock, the mobile phone alarm clock has the capability of displaying a message when the alarm goes off. So many times I can say that I have been saved by the bell! The alarm clock doesn’t just wake you up in the morning, but alerts you when it is time to get ready for your exam.
These tools are very proactive methods to help benefit you in being more organized. It takes a small commitment to log in the task into your phone when you have task, but the tools are a great backbone for you to stay on top of everything going on in your college life. I dare you to experiment with my tools that I have used through my college experience. They may just benefit you very well and can be a lifetime tool. Overall, the tools are not made for you overdose yourself on logging the task in every single time. Certain task come natural to remember and easily unforgettable. Utilize your tools for when it is necessary for you to be on time, be ready, and most importantly not missing out on moments that may last a lifetime.

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