Letter to a freshman

Lauren is currently a Contributing Writer at GenTwenty. She graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in psychology. She enjoys spinning, crafting, and Saints football. She is currently getting her teaching credential with hope to inspire future generations.

You are a couple months into your freshman year of college 3,000 miles away from home. The weather is changing and your California girl background seems either foreign to the people you meet. I know you are homesick but do not let that hold you back from experiencing everything you can while you are at school. Trust me, you are going to thrive but there are a few things you should know to help you out over the next four years.

First, stop trying to fit in and just be yourself. This is the first time if you life you are away from everything you know. Once you stop worrying about fitting in you will finally start to explore who you really are. You are exposed to so many new things and you need to keep an open mind and explore everything possible without hesitation. You have always worried about planning things out to the last detail. Now is the time you are going to learn how to adapt to any situation. Do not let the idea of losing control turn you away from all the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.

Next, you may think you have your entire future mapped out but trust me you do not. One day in the near future you are going to question your major. I am telling you now that plans change and if start to realize that you love something other then what you thought, then go for it. You may think that the change is hard now but trust me it will be so much harder later. If you are do not find passion in what you are learning you will probably not find passion for it in your work. It is okay to your change your mind. Trust your instincts, they will guide you even when it might seem a little scary.

Lastly, get involved! You were involved in everything you could be in high school. Do not let feeling like a small fish in a big pond hold you back from doing great things. Not only will you meet lifelong friends but also you will learn how much you can handle. The things you will learn once you join a sorority or club will give you experiences that you did not even realize you would want or need. By far the best part of getting in involved is your future friends. The friends and bonds you form over the next four years will still be going strong today. These people will go through many ups and downs with you and become your family away from home.

Just make sure to not take anything while you are at college for granted. You have a wonderful opportunity to do something you never thought you would. Focus on your studies but do not let a bad grade here and there defeat you. Make sure you do not sit in your dorm room for an entire semester with your friend’s ordering take out. That is no way to experience college to the fullest. Say yes to everything (within reason). Go out and make mistakes. Those mistakes will help give you the life experience you need after college. Because let me tell you that is a whole other ball game. You only get to experience college like this once in your life and trust me it is worth it!

The older, somewhat wiser you

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