Dear Graduating College Seniors,

Congratulations – you have made it to your final year of college. Through the ups and downs, you have grown as a person and are quite different from who you were as a freshman. Starting this school year, you might feel like you are ready to take on the real world come graduation. Some of you may have opportunities lined up for post-grad life while others of you are still facing the harsh reality that you are now an alumnus of your home for three, four or five years.

It is tough – no one will tell you any different. Transitioning from college to the real-world will force you to face challenges you haven’t faced before. Once you accept that you can begin to examine and address the other areas that could cause you to struggle along the way. Maybe you have a job that requires you to relocate away from family and friends. Maybe you are still job searching and you are tired answering the “what are you doing after graduation?” question.

Whatever your case may be – it is important to face it all with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to take things on and try something that you never have before. You are young, fresh out into the large world that we live in. Take the chance to experience things that will continue to make you grow as a person. Let go of your fears and face challenges head on. This is part of being and adult now. You are going to make mistakes – everyone does. The sooner you accept that reality, the sooner you will learn and grow as a person.

It is also so important that you take your time and embrace your final year of college. Everyone says this but you have to really understand and grasp it. You will never get these years back – make sure that when you look back on them, you will know that you made the most of everything you could. Spend time with the people who make you happy and don’t worry about the little things. Work hard to make your last two semesters really count grade wise. Try as many new things as you can because you may never get that opportunity again.

You are going to miss your college years in ways that you simply don’t understand yet. Soak every second in and don’t waste one minute.
Crossing the stage at graduation is crossing a bridge to the real world. Embrace it, know that you aren’t alone and that it is completely okay to make mistakes.

A recent college grad, four months into the real world.

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