Deciding upon an online program


So many options exist out there for a prospective film student in terms of film studies institutes, online and on-campus.  For those students who wish to obtain a certificate or degree online, these options go even further, as they are not restricted by geography alone in determining where to go to school.  How do you decide?

Film studies can be examined in a multitude of ways, but to truly understand and experience the discipline, one needs to be a part of it, have a hands-on experience with the medium itself.  When researching different options, look out for the schools that do not just stick to the basics and only provide online lectures and readings.

While the online lecture format is necessary to start from the basics and teach students the history of the film industry, the basics are not what will land them a job upon graduation.  Employers are looking for experience in the field and with the most recent technology leading the industry.

Students will learn alongside their instructors via Web instructions on editing, directing, as well as aesthetic elements, lighting, sound and camera angles to tell a story.  Being able to do what the instructor is doing or explaining while he is explaining it puts the words of the lecture into action.

During the courses, students are able to interact with their instructors and peers through live chats and demonstration videos.  With an online program, students are able to view lecture sessions at their convenience and watch them again them if needed.

The best part of a hands-on learning experience is being able to walk away with a reel that could be used for a portfolio when looking for employment.  Being able to create something of your own while learning makes the experience so worthwhile.  For that reason, narrowing your online school choices to programs that allow you to have this experience is often the best option when making your ultimate decision.

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