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Marissa is a Visual Merchandiser for one of the country’s leading fast fashion companies. She graduated from Illinois State University with a background in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Spanish. Currently residing in the Chicago-land area, Marissa enjoys sightseeing, taking photographs of moving landscape and spotting and writing about the latest trends.

Have you ever just sat in the midst of a busy city and watched as people rushed by? If you’re like me and you have then you may have noticed something about the way people walk past. There are some people whom just walk frantically through the crowd and others who, well, strut. The difference between these two types of people is you actually notice the person strutting past. That person strutting is the one who woke up this morning with a good hair day and made great decisions while picking out their outfit. That’s the reason they’re strutting down the street with so much pride.

It’s not all about great hair and good outfit making decisions; it’s about being confident in the way you look. We’ve all had those days where everything just seemed to fall into place that morning and you can’t help but notice it in every reflection of a window that you pass. To be honest, you could be wearing sneakers and slacks and still be strutting down Michigan Ave looking good. But that’s only because you make those sneakers and slacks work. Those sneakers and slacks are everything about who and what you are. No one else can pull sneakers and slacks off the way you do because your outfit is uniquely you.

Your ensemble from head to toe is an interpretation of everything about you. When you walk into a room wearing sneakers and slacks you’re saying, “I’m laid back but sleek and chic”. You’re communicating to the world who you are without having to even introduce yourself. The way you mix different layers with print and texture represents everything about the person you are. And when your outfit choices define you, the confidence shines through no matter what you have on because it’s expresses you.

Which leads me to my number one rule: The first advice I would give anyone before anything would be to stay true to yourself. From the pair of boyfriend jeans and white tee to your Sunday’s best, what makes every outfit complete is the little spin that’s makes it you. The touch of sequins or the flair of ruffles, each detail you add is just another sentence in your autobiography.

There are many ways to state what your style is while following dress codes or the latest fashion trends. For example, bohemian may be in this season but adding a little bit of lace detailing and some delicate necklaces adds your touch of girly to the mix. Aren’t really girly but you need to wear a dress? Well adding a leather jacket and some combat boots makes the look grungier and a little more you, as long as you wear it loud and wear it courageously.

Staying true to yourself through whichever trend or fad of the current season will be sure to make you strut boldly down any street. After all what good is fashion if it’s not to showcase to the world who you are? So go on and define you.

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