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Erin is currently a student at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She is pursuing a degree in Apparel Merchandising, while also minoring in Business. She is an Entrepreneur who runs her own fashion blog, while also owning a few different online shops. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family and friends and also enjoys researching the newest fashion trends. Erin can be found at

College is a place where you begin to find yourself, not only emotionally, but fashionably as well. As each new semester starts, you begin defining your style based on interests, emotions, and social acceptance. What you once wore in high school is soon replaced by newer clothing that fits your new life. I found that throughout college I have defined my style, while also defining myself. I started my blog Uniquely Erin after realizing that embracing my style is the way I was able to truly embrace who I was as a person. Learning to create your own style without the fear of acceptance of pears really shapes who you are. Finding a unique style that defines you and your overall place in life as a college student whether it is sophisticated or edgy.
As you attend college you are no longer subjected to a single style, you are able to experiment to find the fashion you enjoy wearing whether it is in trend or not. I have found recently that mixing popular trends such as pattern mixing with my own personal styling of layers and jewelry really adds flare to the usual fashion trend, while still making it my own. On my blog I always like to incorporate my current favorite songs to describe and define how my style makes me feel. Every style has a story behind it which also helps to tell the story of who you are and who you are becoming.
In college your spending budget may be limited which may make defining your style harder, but with a little knowledge of who you are it is easier to remake the image you are portraying. I like to express outfits on my blog that are practical and wearable and have found it to be very beneficial to the style I like to portray. Finding refined outfits that can be worn again and transformed easily is great for college days when your schedule gets too busy. I have found that the best place to find simple outfits is by searching through fashion blogs and finding at least three that fit your style. When outfit inspiration is needed just click to one of your favorite bloggers site to find inspiration. Once you are able to figure out where you stand fashionably in life, you figure out where you actually stand in life. To learn more about defining your style and to find outfit inspiration check out my blog at and feel free to email me at [email protected] for any further fashion or styling questions.

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