Depression and the College Student

College can be a time that makes a woman vulnerable to depression for several reasons. Everything is new, it’s overwhelming, it can be lonely, and it can be extremely stressful just to name a few reasons.
Know the Signs
Knowing what depression might feel like is important. It is thought that depression might be occurring if you feel sad for longer than two weeks, you’re tired all the time, or you’ve lost interest in doing pretty much anything. These are just a few of the symptoms. Do an internet search and refer to quality websites that will give a more thorough list. If you do suspect that you are suffering from depression, go immediately to your college’s mental health clinic. There you will be evaluated by experts and if needed, will be given time for counseling sessions. Do not hesitate to use these valuable resources. They are part of your college tuition anyway.

You’re Not Alone

If you are suffering from depression the first and most important thing to realize is that you are not alone. Depression can make you feel very isolated and knowing that you aren’t on the depression deserted island can be a small step to making you feel slightly better.

You’re Not Crazy

Unfortunately there are still some old-fashioned, just plain ignorant ideas about mental illness out there. Maybe you’re afraid to seek help because you think you’re going crazy. Maybe you are afraid if your friends or family find out, they will have a negative impression of you. Forget all that. Mental illness is just like physical illness. If you broke your arm, you wouldn’t hesitate to get it set by a doctor. If you are suffering from depression, why in the world would you hesitate to seek out an expert’s help? However if you do feel awkward about getting help, know this. Getting help is 100% confidential. It is very easy to slip away from your schedule, friends, or family for your counseling sessions without anyone noticing. Only when or if you are ready to let your inner circle know what you are going through will they find out.
Depression is 100% Curable

Depression is the only mental illness that is 100% curable. That statement makes seeking help that much easier because you know you don’t have to suffer.

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