Detox 101

You and your girls were into such a healthy routine at the beginning of the semester – work outs, healthy meals, getting your eight hours every night. Then things…changed a bit. We all go through phases. Need a shortcut to get back to your healthier habits? Consider a quick week-long detoxification program.
Each day, follow these basic, easy to follow guidelines. By the weekend, you’ll be feeling more energetic with clearer skin and improved mood.
• Drink water with lemon (warm or on ice) all day long – A basic of most health plans, drinking more water will help flush out toxins, keep your skin bright and clear and tamp down any hunger pains.

• Quick workout in the morning – An easy way to gain a fast burst of energy, a quick run in the morning will boost your energy all day. Running not your thing? Watch a free online exercise video. The key is to get your blood pumping in the morning, but not overdo it – fifteen minutes tops.

• Eat small-ish balanced meals – Don’t overdo it on the red meat, heavy pastas with cream sauce, super cheesy pizzas and any drink with added sugar. Focus on fresh produce and lean meats. You’ll feel lighter and less sluggish in no time.

• Drink tea – Say buh-bye to sugary sodas and super sweet coffee drinks. Get your caffeine fix from green or black tea instead. The antioxidants found in teas will help increase your health and you will still get a moderate lift from the lower caffeine levels.

• Low intensity workout in the early evening – A smooth, gentle way to end your day (and ensure a good night’s sleep) is to work out a little in the evening as well. Try yoga, pilates, stretching, anything that will help center and calm you.

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