Diary of a college student

What is marketing? Will I be able to get a job out of college that is not in sales? How can I stand out in this economy and get paid the big bucks? These are all the questions that were running in my mind as an undergraduate student at Temple University. All of the questions that I had, I knew it was up to me to find the inner child in Melissa. I needed to become as curious as I once was when I was a toddler who was dying to know what everything tasted like even if it was paint. I began to research certain industries that I had a strong interest in. This was a job within itself, but I was determined to give each one a try at a young age, so that I could have an advantage over my peers in college. I wanted to have work experience and the education, but I knew that wasn’t going to be easy, so I began to change my attitude and I stopped placing limits on myself and began to live fearless and tell myself I was an asset and will intern with the biggest stars or the best real estate agents in their designated area. I knew I had skills and I wanted to learn to become a triple threat in the marketing field.
Due Diligence, Attitude, & Work Ethic are crucial elements that are needed to succeed in anything you want to be GREAT at. I knew I wanted to try to do something in Entertainment before I graduated and I knew I wouldn’t get the opportunity to intern without college credit. I filled out 45 applications in the entertainment industry, but the one I wanted to intern at the most was Atlantic Records. I loved music and had already interned with PR agents who had connection within the music industry, so I took a gamble and applied for the marketing intern position at the biggest Record Labels. I began to meditate on what I wanted and I began to speak the internship into existence, it sounds weird, but it works: “Attitude is Key”. Two months went by and I finally got a call from Henry Warner. I still remember it like it was yesterday, I was at a part-time job that I hated and my last semester was approaching and I was panicking. I was in a state of shock when I received the call from Henry. He asked me to come to the New York for the interview and I was ecstatic it was freezing out and it was the week before Christmas. I brought a mega bus ticket and boarded the bus from Philadelphia’s 30th street station and before I knew it, I was in the big city of lights.
I arrived and immediately hopped in a cab. I had watched so much Sex and the City and I couldn’t wait to haul a cab down in my stilettos in the middle of December. I pulled up to a huge building located at 6th Avenue. I hopped out of the cab and walked up to the designated area on the 27th floor. As soon as the elevators opened up on the 27th floor, the excitement began and it was just how I imagined it! Loud music, huge photos of celebrities, and big glass doors that read “Atlantic Records” it was so chic and I was ready to get my internship. The receptionist was so nice and was well-dressed. Everything about this experience was exciting and everyone at the office had such good energy.
Finally Henry came down from the bi-level office to invite me into Mike Kyser’s office for the interview. Interviews are very crucial and it shows how well you can pitch a brand meaning your marketability skills. If you can’t market yourself, it is going to be impossible to market anything. The interview process was really easy for me because I have such a strong passion for marketing and music. All of the questions he asked were simple, but the one question that allows anyone to stand out the most is “Why should we give you this opportunity?” This question allows you to show the interviewee how bad you want it! I gave one hell of an answer and got a call within a week.
Some of the questions that I once had were finally getting answered. I finally felt one step closer to my goals and I was ready to put in the hard work. I was ready to learn from some of the top players in the game. Clear vision, determination, & drive are what you need to achieve your goals to set yourself apart from competition.

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