Cosmetologist employment

One of the perks of going to beauty school is that, in many cases, you will be qualified to take multiple licensing exams. At some schools you’ll take classes in all different fields so that you can take exams in whatever area you want. In other cases, it will take a few extra credit hours for you to accomplish this goal. And in other instances you will select a specific program within the beauty school and prepare for a career in a particular area, such as hair coloring, esthetician skills, hair styling,

A Colorist Career

One of the reasons people choose to style hair is because they can see their success directly in how big their client’s smile is when they’ve finished. But there’s more to creating the perfect hairstyle than simply cutting off a few inches and adding some layers. As a colorist, you’ll become an expert in every facet of hair coloring. You’ll know how to select the right color based on someone’s appearance, face shape, skin tone, and personality. You’ll also be able to consult with your client and give coloring advice based on their career or home life. You’ll make their day as you add highlights and lowlights, develop new color concepts, and learn how to do color corrections.

An Esthetician Career

Skincare is so important for peoples’ overall health, and how someone’s skin looks can also be a reflection of their health in other areas, such as diet, smoking habits, and sleep schedule. Estheticians are dedicated to making clients’ skin beautiful and luminous. This might include giving them facials and masks, removing unwanted hair, performing extractions, giving them paraffin treatments, performing specialty massages, giving body treatments, and applying makeup. During school you may also have learned how to perform consultations and analyses so you can make recommendations to your clients about how to improve their skin quality. You’ll also enjoy working in any number of environments, from spas and salons to resorts and cruise ships.

A Hairstylist Career

People who are hairstylists love their job because they get to combine their natural creativity with business and sales skills to give clients beautiful results. The best “thank you” for them is a smiling client who returns time after time and recommends them to friends. Throughout school you’ll learn about the latest trends and techniques as well as how to retain clients and earn new ones. Every day will be a new experience as you work with clients with different hair colors, lengths, textures, and styles. You’ll have to know how to combine your knowledge with their likes to bring out the best their hair has to offer. At the beginning of the day you’ll check your appointments, set up your station, and prepare for your first clients. As the day goes on you’ll have a long list of different people in your chair, and you’ll end by cleaning up, clocking out, and getting ready to do the whole thing over again tomorrow!

There are other careers out there for you too – you could be a makeup artist, a salon manager, or even a salon owner. What you choose to do is completely up to you. Just remember to have fun!


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