Digital media studies



Film studies can break off into so many genres and aspects, especially in the height of the digital era.  Nearly every product in the film industry is produced and edited digitally.  This requires more than just knowledge and understanding of the film industry but of new technology developments, as well.  Schools develop programs to keep up with this ever-changing world of digital media, and many of created digital media certificate programs for that reason.

These certificate programs are perfect for students who have no background in film studies to those who are already working towards a major in film studies and would like to add a certificate to boost their resume.  Many other students of digital media are professionals already working in the field who would like to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and use of digital media in the film industry.  Many of these professionals left school before Web skills were taught.  These online programs allow for flexibility so that one can work and obtain a certificate from home.

Many programs culminate in an on-campus session allowing students to present their final project and receive critiques from professionals in the field.

A digital media certificate is tailored for aspiring filmmakers interested in using new media, including social networking, as a way to convey information and reach a wider audience.  While these programs can be completed online, it is recommended that students have current technology and software in order to be able to access and run all of the programs required for the class.  Be sure to check the program’s Web site in order to ensure you have the proper equipment to successfully complete the program.

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