Senior year at the Federal University of Uberlandia – UFU, Brazil
B.S. in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in automation and control
Player and founder of the Tigres, baseball team and softball of UFU
Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – IEEE USA
Member of the laboratory of automation, servomechanism and control – LASEC, UFU
Currently traveling as exchange student with scholarship at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

When I just began the college I was in a crazy mode due to the several followed applications that I did looking for a better chance to be accepted.

I remember that I was feeling so alive just because the overload of the commitments that I decided to take. The result was that I could choose one university that I supposed that could meet my expectations regarding not just the academic knowledge, but also the opportunities for the job market.

During the first year of college, it is normal to everyone the excitation and the willing to experience as many classes as they can. I thought if I overload myself with many classes, it would maintain that feeling of being alive and probably, I should finish the college quickly. However, I was wrong. During the beginning of the second year I could not stand that idea of taking classes day by day as a boring routine, spending a lot of hours just with class issues and letting the time to pass without any other accomplishments. This routine was decreasing my desire of having my diploma just because I was kind of blind. There were so many opportunities during the first year that I missed that would make my resume more interesting certainly. Although, this was the fuse to start arguing by myself if my pace was good enough. In fact, it was not.

Then, I decided to take less classes by the second year and start searching for other opportunities. Since that, I changed my expectations about the university. I always thought that by attending a well-regarded university it would be sufficient to develop a good foundation and background.

What happens is that the opportunity doesn’t come by itself, you have to be proactive and run towards it.

Soon, I decided to take extra activities I always would like to have taken such as German class, technical course classes in automation apart of the college, doing a research in one lab, playing in a baseball team, working on papers for publications, being volunteer in the organization of tech events and even attending as a participant.

By changing my expectations, I could find one of my passions, the baseball. There was no team in my university, so I met some players, fans and we opened officially the university team. Definitely, it was an awesome experience being part of the base of the team and helping to make it official.

Thankfully, I also discovered another passion. I started to work on a research project with a graduation student and I was introduced to microcontrollers and embedded systems. I was fascinated and it earned me two publications in conferences.

I was so excited again and I was taking just a few classes at that time. Even though, I realized I was overloaded with many commitments and activities besides classes, and that feeling was amazing. Also, I discovered I am the type of person that performs better under pressure and overloaded of commitments.

Now I believe on people that say being able to do many things even if they are quite busy. It is because they maintain the focus on what really matters for them. This is related to the willing of finding a passion and being opened to the new. This requires some effort to see what is really good for you and figure out your best rhythm for a better performance.

My best wishes for you are that you find your good pace and get involved into the different, the new and whatever that makes you go out of your comfort zone, so that you could find some of your passions too.

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