Dating at school

Name: Jacqlyn Burnett

School : Michigan State University Year : Senior

Major : Communications with an emphasis in broadcast journalism

College holds so many opportunities. If you can’t find the opportunity you want then create it. With the pressure to succeed so highly in today’s society, some students can’t even find time to focus on themselves. In a world where earning a degree no longer guarantees a job after college, students have navigated away from appreciating personal time. For the students who want to earn six figures, achieve the highest they can or truly make a difference in the world, it becomes hard to make time to even really figure out exactly who they are.


There is that uncertainty too, dating. Dating is not what it used to be. The flower barrier who used to come to the door to pick you up for the date hardly exists. Dating is an uncertainty where getting coffee can seem less or more than it really is. It is hard to even get that coffee date if one is always so busy.


Before entering the world of dating one should understand their values, morals and who they are before they can share those characteristics with someone else. One should fully love them self inside and out before they can share their heart with another being. Finding time to date can be difficult especially when you feel like you don’t even know yourself.


If you are ready to date, don’t take the date too seriously. Dating is made to be fun. If you know you are too busy for even yourself, try and focus on yourself a little before expanding yourself to others. Even then, share your personal time you have found with others only with the mind set that you will have fun too.


If you honestly don’t think you have time to date… take a step back and ask yourself, “do I want to?” If the answer is yes then great. Figure out how you can be the most productive to save a little you and a little date time too. If the answer is no, then find time for yourself and enjoy the personal time you have. When you’re ready to date, someone will be there for you.


Just like personal time, dating can be meaningful too. If you are ready to date, prioritize and get that flower barrier.

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