Do it for yourself

Tahalia Joseph is from Brooklyn New York were she currently attending Long Island University studying Public health. Her passion is to aid in global health to curb mortality rates. She graduated from City College in 2012 with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Women Studies. Her hobbies consist of dance, yoga, and biking. She enjoys watching modern family and Breaking bad.

Who are you? What is college? When will you get the internship? Why do some students graduate and others don’t? How will you get a job after college? These are the essential questions that not most but all college students should ask themselves while in college. College is the place where you not only get an education but where you go to find yourself, reinvent yourself, experience different cultures, people, and places. But most of all learning to adapt to be independent and making your own decisions that will shape what you learn, experience, and become. Freshman year of college I was not given any freedom to make my own decisions, I was completely and utterly dependent on my academic advisor and everyone else around me. My academic advisor told me what classes to take. My professor told me what assignment was due. My friends told me what clubs to join. Freshman year I did not have a voice nor did I try to obtain one I was just dependent on everyone else. Doing what I was told to do without any judgment. I wanted to take other classes, join other clubs, participate in a sport I never played but denying what everyone else told me to do was not an option. When I obtained a voice my academic counselor said I would waste time taking classes that I did not need. My friends vowed I would not be excited outside the clubs they were in nor would I make friends. I felt I had to just follow along and be dependent on everyone else. Yet fate stepped in, when I applied to a job in the school library. I listened to everyone around me who said I had no experience or skills to get a job but I decided to do it myself and apply. I got the job within three weeks of applying. I came to the realization what I wanted to learn, experience, or take part in I had to do it for myself. I no long took the advice I was given and applied it to myself without questioning. Nonetheless I realized I can pick and choose what I wanted to do, not what someone else thought was best for me. This was MY college experience.
Freshman year I applied for the job and got the job. Sophomore year I found out I liked Biology but I loved Sociology. So I did not take the advice to study Biology because I would have a better future, but decided to study Sociology what I felt was right for me. I took classes that most viewed as useless such as Art History and Dance History. I took classes that I wanted to take or wanted a deeper understanding of. Junior year I applied to do research in a lab and I got the position, despite the advice I did not have lab experience. Senior year I studied aboard to aid in medical and dental care in Jamaica despite being told it would be too expensive.
Case in point, whatever I wanted to do I did it all for myself so it could become manifested. I realize I fulfilled everything I wanted to fulfill despite the various advices that could have stopped me from fulfilling such. Securing various jobs in different fields, studying abroad, learning to start my own club, I did it all for myself. I had complete authority over my education and decisions that would shape my future. It was a journey but what part of life is not. Looking back I am eager about what I have accomplished and the transferable skills from college I have learned in and outside the classroom. It was all because I decide to stop being dependent on others people around me. It begs the question: when will you step out and do it yourself?

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