Undecided in college

Kelli Flynn graduated from the University of Central Florida in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. During her time at UCF, Kelli participated in many activities including Sigma Alpha Pi, The National Society of Leadership and Success. Now in graduate school pursuing a Master’s in Criminology & Criminal Justice, she hopes to use this degree to give back to the community and inspire others.

If you are applying to college or just beginning your journey through your college career you undoubtedly have witnessed students that differ from one another on various aspects as well as those that differ from yourself. We all have met those people that have known what career they have wanted to do since they were very young and choosing a major was a breeze for them as they likely made a decision based on what major would accelerate them towards their career goals they have set for themselves. This seems to have pressured many college students, who may not know what career they wish to pursue, to blindly choose a major before they even take a single class in an university environment. During the beginning of my undergraduate endeavor, I was unsure of what career I had hopes of achieving in the future and it appeared as if everyone around me had set in stone exactly what career they wanted and the precise steps to get there. Admittedly, this was something that, at times, had me discouraged. I felt the pressure to quickly chose a major and stick to it. As the years went by, I found myself switching majors more than once as each time I found myself still craving something more for my future: like I hadn’t found my passion yet. It wasn’t until my senior year, after taking multiple classes in a variety of fields, my passion for psychology developed. When this passion developed, I found myself more excited and invested in my education. It was this passion that fueled my drive in this field and it was a year later I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Now attending graduate school for Criminal Justice, I look back on my undergraduate career decisions, especially when undergraduates seek my advice on choosing a major. Being a teaching assistant for an undergraduate class has put me in contact with many students seeking advice on what they should major in. I take those opportunities to remind them to be open and explore many options while being in college and to not feel pressured to decide on a major and career right away. College is an unique opportunity to explore many different options and career possibilities and no one should feel pressured into a tight mold early on. Do not be afraid to go into your classes undecided on a major or undecided on a career path. Being open to various fields allows you to experience many different topics and one that you never knew existed may suddenly peak your interest. To many this may seem like a scary endeavor to embark on an unknown journey. But do not be afraid to go on this journey that is less traveled. If you feel like you have not found your passion in life, travel off the usual path and do not feel discouraged. Keep exploring. Keep dreaming big. Keep your eyes open and you will find your passion along the way. You may just discover your passion in the least expected place.

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