Do What You Love

Robert Loehr is a senior at Florida State University majoring in Accounting with a minor in Hospitality Management. During his college experience, Robert has served as treasurer of the Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Fraternity and an active member of Information Systems for Audit and Control Association (ISACA). He has also completed two internships, one with the Finance and Operations Department of Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend and one as an accounting intern with Independent Green Technologies. He loves traveling, weightlifting, and running. Upon graduating, his plans are to pursue a career in public accounting and obtain the CPA license.

A common misconception a lot of college students have is that one must be “naturally” good at their intended field of study, and it is because of this notion that a lot of students choose to switch majors. They switch not because of their lack of passion, but because of their lack of confidence in succeeding through the difficult courses their major entails. I nearly made this mistake my junior year of college.
Going into the first of my upper level accounting classes, I was going up against one of my toughest academic challenges yet. Despite my efforts throughout the semester, I struggled through the classes and received below satisfactory grades. As that semester came to a close, I looked into switching from the accounting major to an easier major. I knew this was a common path for a lot of students who got weeded out of the accounting major. After researching the potential career options for the other majors I looked into, I realized that none of them presented the same level of interest that I received from the accounting major during my freshman orientation. It was at this point I realized that changing my major would be a bad decision. For the next semester, I chose to reform my way of studying. I found study groups to collaborate with on assignments and prepare for exams. I also humbled myself by seeking the help of my professors and realizing that it is alright to have questions about the notes from class and to need help understanding concepts I read in the textbook. After making these changes to my study habits, I achieved greater success and regained confidence in my chosen field of study.
When faced with an obstacle, don’t let it get in the way of your success. Use it as a chance to prove how badly you want something. No obstacle is too big to overcome with the right mindset. I overcame my obstacle with support from my peers, improving my time management skills by better balancing my social and academic life, and rekindling my passion toward accounting. When faced with obstacles, it is also important to seek help from others. Don’t try to tackle your challenges alone. Seek wisdom from resources within the university like professors or advisors or from fellow students who have been in your shoes. Seek advice from someone with a greater subject knowledge than you, who knows a thing or two about the difficulty you are currently facing.
Some students choose to switch majors because they discover their lack of passion for their original field of study and that is a perfectly good reason. Unfortunately, too many students get intimidated when their classes start getting tougher and end up settling for an easier major at the expense of their potential future career path. I am a firm believer in the fact that hard work triumphs over talent. If you believe that the best field of study and career option is one that you are already good at, you might be disappointed. The truth is you are going to be bad at most things before you become good at them. It takes lots of practice and dedication to become a “natural”. I believe that with enough practice the right way and the right attitude one can become great at anything. It just depends on how badly you want it.

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