Do You Protect Your Skin Deep Beauty?

After a long and record setting cold winter, summer is finally approaching! With summer comes sandals, fun dresses, and spontaneity. Everyone is up for last minute trips to the beach or backyard barbeques. These times make for wonderful memories, but do they make for haggard and worn out looking skin as well? We all know to wash off our makeup before bed no matter how late we stayed out or how many hours we’ve spent cramming for an exam, but are you putting on the right protection everyday underneath your makeup?
The number one reason we age prematurely is dehydration, so moisturizing is key, but does your moisturizer contain sunscreen? This is a crucial question when picking out the best moisturizer for your skin year round. Although we mostly see and feel the beating rays of the sun only in the summer, UV rays touch our skin every single day of the year. Sun damage is the second leading cause of wrinkles and sagging skin. Now, I’m all for being proud of the wisdom and knowledge that growing older encompasses, but studies are showing that laugh lines, sagging necks, and crows feet are starting to become more prevalent in women in their early twenties! Why are these signs of aging typically reserved for those over 40 creeping up on younger generations earlier? One major reason is way too much sun exposure.
Whether you are a frequent visitor to your local tanning salon or spend time laying out in the sun without sunscreen to get that coveted summer glow, you are rapidly aging your skin, not to mention majorly increasing your risk of skin cancer. The effects may not show up tomorrow, but the way you treat your skin now is what causes the way it looks 10 years later. Can you imagine how your teeth would look if you didn’t brush your teeth for 10 years and purposely ate pure sugar? Nasty, damaged, and hard to fix. That is exactly what happens with your skin if you don’t protect it from the sun. It is easy to put a couple simple steps into place to protect your skin from advanced signs of aging, but once the wrinkles and sun spots are there, they are super hard to reverse.
To protect your skin and add years onto your lifespan makes sure to wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day. You can create the look of a tan with sunless tanner, which is now offered by many popular skincare brands, if you still want the look. Trust me, when you are 30 and people’s jaws drop when they find out your age, you’ll be glad that you slathered on the sunblock. If you are out in the sun make sure to reapply sunscreen more often if sweating or swimming. It’s too late to only apply more if start to feel the burning sensation on your skin. Make sure to be proactive about protecting your beauty. Spend the $7 on sunscreen now versus the $150 anti-aging cream later. Sunscreen might just be the number one product to keep you looking young and living long.

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