Documentary Media Studies

Documentary filmmaking has always been and still is a popular form of film expression. With recent documentary films hitting the big screen, more and more production companies are looking to produce this style of film. Online colleges offering film studies programs have begun offering documentary media studies certificates in addition to the already offered certificate programs.
Just like any other certificate program, students interested in a certificate in documentary film are required to take a set of prerequisite classes to teach them the basics of filmmaking. It is imperative that the history of film and progression of where the medium is today is understood by any interested filmmaker. After that point, the student can specialize in specific areas of film.
A certificate can be obtained at the same time while earning an undergraduate degree in film studies, or a certificate can be obtained without any educational background or current enrollment in an undergraduate program.
Documentary film studies involve both production and film study, and unlike other certificate programs, these classes tend to be much more focused and interactive. Students are able to work in groups, but distance learning does not require that. Most documentary film certificate programs culminate in the creation of a documentary film and the opportunity to debut the film at a film festival either in the school or area. Faculty and experience filmmakers are present to give feedback and critiques on submitted films.
Holding a certificate in documentary filmmaking will open up many doors in the industry including editing, field producing, cinemagraphers, directors, researchers, screenwriters and other industry positions. Many graduates of the certificate program go on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies, as well as Master’s Degrees in the Media Studies films. With this growing medium, the options are open when it comes to documentary filmmaking.
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