Doing Your Eyebrows the Right Way

Your eyebrows frame your face and they can make or break your look. Overplucking, using the wrong tools, or just plain not choosing the right style can stop you from reaching your potential. No amount of makeup can make up for a lack or excess of hair so learn a few tricks to make your eyebrows your best feature.

Rule Number One: Stop Overplucking!

It is best to pluck just one line of hair at a time. If your brows are already looking sparse, only pluck the hairs that are well outside the ideal shape. If you just aren’t sure where to begin, get some stencils. This will have you create the right shape without all the guesswork. If your hair isn’t covering all of the space within the stencil, don’t worry. Hair grows out at different rates at different times. Don’t assume that you need to go with a thinner shape. Pluck the area outside the stencil then wait for the rest to fill in.

If you aren’t comfortable using stencils, get your brows done professional. This is a great and easy way to get the perfect shape. After you have a good shape, maintenance is far easier. Pluck stray hairs as you see them just to keep the look your stylist created.

Rule Number Two: Use the Right Tools

When you don’t have the right tools for a job, it’s nearly impossible to accomplish anything. Invest in a quality tweezers then clean them after every use. Just a quick wipe down with some isopropyl alcohol will keep them like new and prevent bacteria from building up.

Rule Number Three: Learn to Fill In the Blanks

One of the worst things that women with overplucked or naturally sparse eyebrows can do is create a fake looking dark line with pencil. It’s important to find a brow pencil or cream that is a shade lighter than your natural brow color. Use just a few light feathery strokes to fill in the spaces between hair. A light touch is critical so if you tend to be a bit heavy handed, switch to powder. Applying brow powder with a brush can be easier for beginners and is generally foolproof.

Rule Number Four: Know Your Shape

It’s important to find a the optimal place for your arch. Hold your brow pencil on the edge of your iris. Make a mark where it hits your eyebrow. This is where your eyebrow should be arched.

Many women have a tendency to shorten their brows too much out of fear of the dreaded unibrow. The best guide for this is the edges of your nose. Hold your pencil at the edge of your nostrils. Mark where this hits your brows then pluck anything that grows beyond that point.

In order to prevent overplucking on the other side of your brows, simply feel for your browbone. You can feel where it ends so just be sure not to pluck after that point. Creating eyebrows that are too short will look unnatural whereas a too long line can make your eye appear droopy.

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