Don’t Be A Starving College Student: 5 Tips


Michelle Holmes is currently living and working towards her BA in California.  She has recently started her career as an author, publishing her first book this summer under the name Michelle Lemae. She enjoys quiet mornings sipping coffee and writing on her blog.


College can be very expensive. You have tuition, books, parking permits, they even make you pay for your own scantrons! If you live on your own, you have bills on top of bills. Going to school full time and working full time job is possible… for super women maybe. Many of us work part time jobs or even two part time jobs, just to pay the bills. Living pay check to pay check is really stressful. You shouldn’t be stressing so much about money when you have midterms and finals to stress about. A person can only take so much stress.


Well stress no more! I have 5 tips on how to save money and cut the cost of your bills. These tips are from my own experience as a broke, “starving” college student.


  1. Skip the fast food

Whether you go because it’s convenient, saves you time, or it’s just a habit, STOP GOING.  Maybe you don’t have time to pack yourself a lunch the night before, so you decide to eat out. Shuffle your schedule and make time to pack a lunch.


  1. Unplug unnecessary things from the wall

Obviously you can’t unplug your refrigerator, but I unplug almost everything else when I know I’m not going to be home all day. Unplug your phone chargers, your hair dryer, even your computer. Even when you’re not using these things, they are still using electricity. Lower your electricity bill!


  1. Make homemade gifts

During the holidays I try to make as many gifts for people as possible. A few easy things you can make are treats such as cookies, skin care products like soaps and body scrubs, or make them a beautiful card letting them know you are thinking of them. My family knows that I work hard just to pay my bills and they appreciate all of my homemade gifts.


  1. Carpool

I spend about $60 a week in gas. If you car pool with a friend or classmate, you can cut that bill in half. If you live close enough to your school, get a bike. With a bike not only do you not have to pay for gas, you also don’t need a parking permit.


  1. Cancel your cable

When I had cable I was paying about $80 a month. A cheaper alternative is watching TV shows on the internet and/or get Netflix. I pay $7 a month for Netflix and what I can’t find on Netflix, I can find online which cost me $30 a month.

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