College stressors

Krista is a 2012 graduate of Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Communications. While at Ship, she was a part of the cheerleading team and took part in intramural volleyball. She co-created, organized, and captained a team in a club flag football league at the university. In her free time, Krista enjoys doing acro yoga, spending time with her family and friends and watching Philadelphia professional sports teams.

College in one word is an experience. Between social aspects, your education and coursework, and the pressure you feel nit picking the perfect degree, it’s hard. It’s even harder finding what you want in a career, which is the real purpose of college, right? It’s hard finding balance and it’s hard creating a network that complements your ideal job path.

Make your journey easier and try it all! Get yourself in clubs that compliment your degree and organizations that don’t. Give it a go until you realize, this isn’t for me. Don’t be afraid to fail. I’ll say it again, do not be afraid to fail! In failing, we find lessons, and to understand your personal drive, you need to search for it and find it. Art majors, try a business organization to understand professional processes. Finance majors, try leadership groups or take sociology courses to be able to understand your client base. Environmental majors, attend seminars on broadcasting and publication etiquette. Join the newspaper and be a part of your school’s homecoming. Every opportunity given to you on campus is an experience you can use in life and in your future.

There is nothing more valuable than the experience with other students and professors to feed your own passions. As a student, take advantage of the networking possibilities in multiple fields of study. Don’t rely on others to guide your college experience, individualize it! Knock down each possibility as it is presented to you and immerse yourself in every opportunity. College takes you away from your comfort zone, and that is where one begins to find true passion and drive. College is hard, but coming out with no experience to show of it is even harder.

After you’ve joined all these clubs, and have attempted to complete your class work, and vowed to find your career drive, and attended that mixer with your dorm-mates, and finished swim practice; it is now time to take a moment and compliment yourself. Too often, students get burned out and stress over every assignment and obligation. Overwhelmed? (like every other person in college, including myself at multiple points) Take a deep breath, close your eyes and try meditating. Really, it may sound nonsensical, but just like physical releases of stress in exercising and sports, your brain and mental self need liberation, too. Release the constant movement of thought from your mind and just be. Listen to natural sound, roll your head slowly from side to side and release the tension squeezed in your shoulders. Maybe set a timer that brings you back to the crazy madness that is college. Start at thirty seconds and unbind the weight of stress you’ve been upholding. Try to be grateful for yourself in these experiences-the erratic, rewarding work you’ve completed towards your degree. Forgive and encourage yourself each day and get back up on the horse after a bad one. You have the means to enjoy your college life and to appreciate all that has been presented to you from your hard work!

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