Don’t Fall into the Credit Card Trap

Wendy Lynch is an English teacher, freelance writer and tutor. She has written content for several websites and she runs a couple blogs. She has also self-published a children’s book.


Leaving home, for the first time, to go to college, is a great step on the road to becoming an independent adult. Going to college is a milestone, like getting to drive, that most young adults look forward to. Going away means no more curfew. It also means no one telling you what you should do or what decision you should make. What most young adults don’t understand is that becoming a responsible adult is trickier than they realize.

The hope that parents have is that their children will not make decisions that will change their lives, in a negative way, forever. One way that young adults often do change their lives in a negative way is by getting a credit card. Once a child turns into an adult, in the eyes of the law, at eighteen he/she can apply for and get a credit card, without his/her parent’s permission. That person is now responsible for any charges that he/she makes on that credit card.

Many credit card companies offer a “free gift” to sign up with them. This tempts the college student to apply for the card. Many times the student has no intention of using the card, they just want the free gift. What happens next however, is exactly what the credit card companies want, the college student feels like he/she has “free money”, and he/she begins to use it.

At first it doesn’t seem like a big deal. The person just uses the credit card once in a while. However, like many others, the college student falls into the credit card trap and puts more on the card than he/she can pay off. This is how many, many students end up with bad credit and thousands of dollars in credit card debt before they even graduate from college.

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