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Alexa Soriano is an actress and singer residing in New York city. She received a bachelors in theater arts and English literature from Occidental College and has written countless poems and short stories awaiting publication. She is currently pursuing a career in musical theater and creative writing. Follow her quirky, charming and thoughtful blog at

Angela heard the taps on the door come again. She shoved aside the jumbo bag of Doritos and the three fun-sized laffy taffy wrappers from her lap. She opened the door so that he could only see one eye and half an eyebrow.
“Hey, we’re all playing video games in the common room. You should really come out Angela.”
“Yeah sure, maybe in a little while”
She shut the door before he finished his “okay, but–”
She shook her head. Why would she want to play video games when she could comfortably sit here with her snacks and watch television?
Angela draped her blanket over herself and set her hot laptop on top.

She blinked as the show credits rolled. Was it the fourth episode or the sixth? She wasn’t sure but there wasn’t any light coming in the window anymore, it was just a sheet of black. She turned to Lily and said, ‘see, look at that, all that time passed and we didn’t even feel it.’
Lily didn’t say anything. She never did even though Angela kept talking to her.
Angela started to feel the extreme isolation pressing back in without the characters inside the screen talking to her. For a minute she thought it might have been a good idea to leave the room. But the guy from downstairs was long gone. And she didn’t really like the girl from class who lived down the hall.
Maybe she could watch just one more episode before she went to bed.

When she went to get her food from the dining hall she had to walk through the seating area on her way back to her room. She saw a few people she recognized, some that she had spoken to, some that she hadn’t.
Everyone seemed to have found a group; they looked excited and close to each other already.
What day was it? It was already November.
Where had the time gone?
Angela felt like she’d been slapped.
She walked slower as she passed all the crowded tables. She saw a table with only one girl sitting at it. Her first thought was, thank god I’m not her. Her second was, if I sit with her neither of us will be.
Her heart started beating faster.
Angela didn’t recognize the girl from any of her classes, but she recognized the lanyard that only the freshman wore dangling from her neck.
In one month it would be Christmas break. After that, everyone would already have their set friends.
She rushed over to the table and sat before she could think any more about it.
“Um, Hi, I’m Angela” she said.
The girl looked startled but smiled at her. “Hi, I’m Kirsten. You’re a freshman too?”
“Yeah. Do you mind if I sit here? I haven’t been down here much.”
Kirsten laughed. “I know what you mean. Everyone seems to know what they’re doing, and we’re here like, um, where is my next class? Where am I supposed to get blue books?”
Angela looked around. Nobody seemed to notice that she and Kirsten had just met. Maybe this happened all the time in college.
“Hey, wait” Kirsten said suddenly, pointing at Angela’s sweatshirt, “Are you from Oregon?”
Angela’s sweatshirt was so faded she didn’t think anyone would have been able to read it.
“So am I” said Kirsten.

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