Don’t Let Core Requirements Go to Waste

I am a senior at Merrimack College working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management. I love all types of music, my record player, and my family. I have lived in Massachusetts all my life and plan to spend my time in a different state for graduate school. I currently work as a Service Coach at Brooksby Village and have been there for five years.

As a senior, the one thing I can definitely say I did right was use my core requirements to fulfill my two minors. At my school, it is required that students take two religion courses and a social science course among other core classes. Instead of just finding classes that filled the slots in my schedule, I decided to make them count for something. I did a lot of research to prepare for my registration for the upcoming semester and found classes that interested me. I also talk to my advisor regularly so that she can offer her insight on my academic career (Advisors are extremely helpful! Remember, they’ve been through college before—maybe more than once!).
Once I found some interesting classes, I was well on my way to checking two minors off my list of things to do before I graduate. For me, it was a Gender Ethics course and a Religious Ethics course that got me interested in focusing on my two minors: Jewish Christian Muslim Relations and Women’s and Gender Studies. It’s important to start doing this early on in your college career. Take it from me. I was the queen of changing majors. I went from Health Science to International Business to Finance and have finally and happily landed on Marketing and Management as my majors. It took me until the end of my junior year to finally decide on what I wanted to mainly focus on. The earlier you start figuring out what subjects you like, the more time you can allow yourself to create a fitting schedule for everything you want to accomplish in your college career.
I once had a professor that told me to have a minor in something that will make me stand out in a pile of résumés, but to also enjoy what I am studying. For me, I picked something completely unrelated to my Business majors: two minors in the Liberal Arts area. The people I have met in these classes are great and the professors are unlike any in the Business department, but that is what I love. People with differing passions have diverse ways of teaching. The students I met were great as well. It is awesome to talk to people who are not spending their entire college career studying the same thing as you. It’s a great way to make friends with different life goals.
So here’s what to do: find out what core classes your college requires you to take, research classes that fulfill that requirement and sound interesting to you, and figure out what you like. This is your college experience! Be selfish about it because life is what you make of it! Your college courses DO NOT have to bore you to death. Try different classes and find out what you like! Once you find something that interests you, focus on fulfilling the courses for that minor. That way you can kill two birds with one stone by completing a core requirement and a course for your new minor as well. Good luck!

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