Tips for getting internships

My name is D’Joumbarey Moreau and I graduated from Florida International University with an English degree. During my time in college I worked in many different fields in the sports industry including WPLG, the University of Miami, Barry University, the Miami Herald and South Florida High School Sports. I am a sportswriter and I enjoy to cover and watch games. Currently I’m a Jr. Brand Manager for the biggest sports memorabilia retailer in the United States, Fanatics Inc.


Mariah Jones loves to design clothes. She designs so many clothes that she got an internship during college at the Artisan House. Because of her internship at the Artisan House she has her own studio and gets to display her work.

There isn’t much Lenny Williams doesn’t know about the NBA. He watches every game, writes stories about it and studies sports management in college. While in college he got a job working for the Charlotte Hornets as an intern where he could grow in the sports industry.

When it comes to nutrition, Isabella Hunter is one of the healthiest people in her circle of friends. Her friends ask her for nutritional tips because of her experience working as an intern for clinics inside of the doctor’s office.

Jones, Williams and Hunter are all some of the smartest students in their respective colleges, not because of their brains, but because they understand the importance of a getting an internship while in college.

As detailed by the stories of the students above, one of the most important parts of college is the internship process. Luckily what I learned from college is that internships are the second most important part of college next to graduation.

It’s not going to fall on the responsibility of the teachers to tell anyone. Classes are lucky if teachers, and advisors go the extra mile to help them find internships. At this stage in life internships will fall on the hands of each student.

Want to become a writer? Go become a freelance writer for a local paper.
Want to become a firefighter? Go volunteer at a fire station on weekends.
Want to learn how to become an accountant? Ask to shadow other accountants at a local tax firm.

Internships are key for anyone’s success because it allows students to get a real life example of how their job will be when they get into their respective fields. For some students they will have internships in the craft that they think is for them and will succeed and love their work. Other students will feel as if they dodged a bullet once they’ve gotten an internship that they didn’t like in a field that might’ve not been particularly for them.

Also students might even procrastinate and not do their due diligence to get an internship during their freshman year. On another note, that’s the goal of any student in college, get as many internships as you can as soon as you’re an eligible college student.

As for me, I fell into that atmosphere of college students who hit the ground running and got started their freshman year. It’s not bad if a person waits until their upperclassmen years to start an internship but how much more experience could one get if they started earlier?

In my freshman year in college at Barry University I decided I wanted to become a full-time sports writer as my profession. Because of my goal, I went out and worked with the sports team at my school in the Sports Information Department. Also I joined the college newspaper, and a few months later I got promoted to become the Sports Editor.

As I got older and started getting closer to graduation I started doing more. I began working for the Miami Herald as a freelance writer, the University of Miami as a Sports Information Assistant and at WPLG as a Production Assistant.

All of these jobs were internships which I use on my resume. These experiences were all gained because I decided early that sports writing is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

A lot of people are out of work because they don’t have enough experience and because they don’t have the right connections, which brings me to my second on point. Even though I strongly dislike this phrase, it’s somewhat true, “You got to have the right connections.” Connections are important because a person groups themselves with like-minded people within their industry.

It might sound insane but its true. I got my internships at the University of Miami and the Miami Herald because of my connections at Barry University. Which also brings me to this point “don’t burn bridges.”

When a door gets opened for a new opportunity, dive into it head strong. Have a great attitude, dress to impress, bring a notebook and jot down every bit of information, ask a lot of questions, and learn the job.

Internships are the stepping stone to achieving big goals.

The sooner, the better.

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