Do’s and Dont’s

My name is Jasmine Bagby I attended Northern Arizona University in 2012 but now I am currently attending Mt. San Jacinto Community College so I can be back home with my family. Home to me is California. My plan is to transfer to Cal State Fullerton in the next year so I can obtain a B.S degree in Accounting. I love anything that has to deal with numbers. I am currently working at a middle school and high school for their AVID programs so I help the students on subjects they struggle with and also get them familiar with college and how important it is to attend. For my hobbies I love to read, travel, and play sports such as basketball and volleyball.

Throughout my college experience I found out that you have to learn the ropes yourself so I put together for myself do’s and dont’s of college life, hoping it will make me get through the years. So far it has been helping, but now it is time for me to pass it on. In me passing on what helps me get through college I am hoping that there are others out there that can gain from this too.
My do’s are get involved in the college life, get to know your professor, get to know your advisor/counselor and take advantage of the resources that are given at the college/university. Ways of you getting invovled is try joining a club/faternity/sorority it can pertain to your major or even things that interest you because in doing so this can lead to you gaining friends or give you some sort of comfort since you have others to relate to. The most important thing is to get to know your professor and you can do that by going to office hours, participating in class and attend any study groups if needed that are formed by the professor. When you go to your professor’s office hours you get to see them outside of the teaching vasinity and they give you a whole different feel which makes you more comfortable. Another one that’s major is get to know your advisor/counselor because they are with you for your time being there. Advisors/counselors are there to give you any advice that you need and they help plan out all your college years with the major you have chosen. Lastly, take advantage of the resources given such as the library, free tutoring services, mentors, etc. You will gain so much more if you put your resources that are free to use.
The couple dont’s are don’t party too much, miss class or have the tendency of eating unhealthy all the time. Don’t get me wrong I know everyone that goes to college wants to attend parties but just know your limits because getting caught up partying too much can result in grades dropping which would put you on academic probation or even kicked out of the school if you party recklessly. Also, do not miss classes because most classes are two times a week or even sometimes once so the lectures are so valuable to you and your grades for that course. Finally, don’t eat unhealthy all the time or you will definitely gain the freshman fifteen or just weight in general. I know being off on your own in college and the temptations of the foods that are given so just try and put boundaries on what you eat daily.
I hope my advice can help people in the long run. Value your time in college because not everyone gets the chance to go. Never know how things will turn out if you never give it a try.

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