Down in the dumps? Unmotivated? Homesick? Overwhelmed?

All of these are completely normal for every single college student to feel at one point or another throughout their life and years at school. With everything that college has to offer, these feelings can occur because you are far from home, facing experiences you have never dreamed of and working to get employed following graduation. It is nothing that you should ever feel defeated for.

You cannot let these feelings consume you and overpower your life – you have way too much to offer.

Yes, things get tough but it is from those tough times that you learn more about yourself and what you are capable of. It also makes you realize who your true friends are and just how amazing your family is.

When life just really isn’t going the greatest that it has ever gone there are many things that you can do to take a step back and change the path you’re going down.

Take a walk
Eat a bar of chocolate
Pop a bag of popcorn and curl up with a blanket and old movie
Write a blog post about what you are feeling
Meet a friend for coffee
Hit the gym
Call a family member you haven’t spoken to for awhile
Do something nice for someone else or even a stranger
Put down your text book and pick up a novel or thought-provoking book
Listen to your favorite song on repeat and have a dance party in your room
Reach out to a professor for advice for an upcoming exam
Bake yourself a cake or brownies or a cupcake or SOMETHING!

Ultimately – it is up to you. You can decide to be down in the dumps and dwell on the hard situations that you sometimes face OR you can choose to take steps to change. Sometimes it takes more than that and it is necessary for others to lend a hand – don’t be afraid to reach out for help. It is never a sign of weakness and those who care about you will be ready to listen and support you in the ways you need.

It is all in how you approach things. Attack hardships with a positive mind and soon you will feel on top of the world again.

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