Dream Chasing

By CW M. Smith
I was born in Shreveport La. and raised in Tennessee. I have become a mixed child of culture, wisdom, and experience. I am now a college student attending the Art Institute of Atlanta with an Associates degree in Web and Graphic design. My goal is to express communication threw visuals. I believe the fine arts are made and understood threw a process of critiques. I am still growing and still learning in and threw art. I consider this my process to success. In my free time I like to write, walk, play sports, and continue to be as artistic as possible.

Chasing A dream is what college education comes down to. We look at college as our way out or maybe our way in. College has become the bridge for the dream chaser. Pursuing a better future in hope of catching your dreams has almost became a dream to chase in its self. Everybody has a dream that can be chased. When chasing a dream it is not as a lion chasing a zebra, but as the lion positioning it self within a ten foot range of where the zebra will come and eat tomorrow. Only threw planning are dreams caught.
Dreams are a multiple amount of goals accomplished or goals set to be accomplished. College diploma’s are the certificate that states you have a dream and that you are well on your way to catching that dream. After college there is no room to give up and no air for lazy mistakes. Ounce you have made it that far there are no ” I will just do it tomorrow” ‘s. In all reality ounce you are setting goals and chasing dreams our patients starts to become shorter and the wait for tomorrow is to far away. There are times that canhave set backs, but the influence that has on the overall pursuit is souly up to the dream chaser.
Being discouraged will go hand in hand with any type of set back, but try to turn the discouraging set back into a lesson learned. Keep moving and that is exactly what it becomes. Just understand that the picture perfect dream will not come easy or when you call for it. The dream you chase will be acquirable threw hard work, persistence, and a tunnel vision type mentality. There is a lot of work that goes into dream chasing. We can sometimes loose friends even family to the cause of chasing a dream. Just don’t loose your self or your way. At times you may have feel reluctant or hopeless to the thought of accomplishing what goal or goals you have set before your self.
There will be some walls to scale or maybe with a little research you can simply walk around the wall. Either way there is a wall to over come at every turn. keep on keeping on or maybe you could say, ” Just keep swimming”. The key to finding the open doors is to try everyone of them. The closed and locked door means to keep moving your not there yet. Try on your pursuit : to refuse to be refused. As long as you keep focused the focus will soon be on you. Know your limits as the smart planning lion did and understand working hard is great and effective, but working smart is effectively great. Everyone is hungry for a successful venture in their dream chasing. People just give up after a couple failed attempts. Know that the dream you are chasing is waiting on you to catch up.
Don’t give up if the doors just leads to more doors, because the way life is set up all we have are dreams to be chase and doors to be opened.

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