Dreaming about journalism?

I am Carmen Pecharromán Rodríguez. I am 20 years old and was born in Oviedo (Spain). I lived there for three years, then moved to Avilés (Spain) and stayed there until I was 8. Later on, I lived in Ávila (Spain) and, when I was 18, moved to Segovia (Spain) for college.

At the age of 16, I was awarded with ‘El Premio a la Excelencia Académica’, for being among the highest high school grades of Castilla y León and the highest of Ávila.

Right now, I am studying a Bachelor in Communication at IE University (third year). So far, it has been an amazing and, moreover, an enriching experience.

Regarding internships, I have spent two months at a local newspaper (El Diario de Ávila), another two months at a local TV (RTVCyL8) and two months as a Community Manager (Vinos y Conservas).

Besides, I have gone through a seminar in creative writing and a seminar in stress and other psychological disorders. Furthermore, I have attended IE workshops on photography and video and video editing.

All in all, I am hard working, creative, and life loving.

High school is over. You already had had to a make a decision: what do see your self as in the future? However, you knew it since a lot long before. You wanted to transfer all the creativity that was embedded into you veins into something else. You wanted to serve the world in some way. You wanted unlock the pathway to change. Journalism had seemed for a lot of time like the best option. And, as a third year Communication student that is passionate about what she does at university, I may say that, in fact, it is. However, if dreaming to be a successful journalism, there are certain things you must know and consider in advance.
1. You must have had, first, a crush on writing at some point on your life and, second, writing must have had a crush back on you. Writing is ‘the tool’ for a journalist and, thus, if you are one of those that gets bored while writing, journalism is not for you. Moreover, if your writing skills are not brilliant, I will think it twice before entering this field or, otherwise, it will be an ordeal.
2. You must have an interest on the world that surrounds you. That means, that you should read the news everyday, read books or, in other words, be updated. Think about it. What would happen if your boss just tells you that morning that you have to write an opinion piece on IS an you do not have any idea on what the last facts surrounding the topic are? What would you do? Bear in mind that journalists do not have an entire life to write an article but on the contrary.
3. You must always be suspicious and feel the need for more. In other words, when colleting information for a piece, you must never think the task is done or you will never move from the issue´s surface. Keep on investigating, though bearing in mind you time constraints.
4. Prepare yourself to move away from your home. If you want to succeed as a journalist, you would have to travel a lot, especially at the beginning.
5. Finally, if still you feel that you had a point, if you still feel that you want to be a journalist, if you still feel that that is your passion; then I need to tell you something: you are about to live the greatest experience of your life!

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