Dreams do come true

I recently graduated from New Mexico State University with a BS in Clothing, Textiles & Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing. I currently work as an Assistant Buyer for a company called LTD commodities. My goal is to become a buyer for Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. I love spending time with my fiancé, dogs, cat, shopping and reading!
You hear it often enough that if you want something you have to go after it and boy is that the truth. While in college I had my fair share of internships because I wanted to get my foot in the door within the fashion industry. Coming from New Mexico a state that is starting to thrive, there isn’t much experience for the fashion industry yet. So I had to put myself out there, I made sure to get internships that would help further my knowledge and work with companies where there is potential growth. That is best advice that I can give is put yourself in situations that you wouldn’t normally do because it opens you up to be the person you see yourself being in the real world. When you are able to do that, doors will open for you. Employers will see the drive you have in your eyes and want to give you a chance even if your experience is limited. I have the job I have now because I was determined to make my dream of being an assistant buyer come true. I was told countless times is wasn’t possible but anything is possible when you have that passion to chase after what you love.
When you’re in college the best thing you can do for yourself is figure out what it is you want to do, what career you want where you can wake up every day excited to have a job that doesn’t make you dread going to work. Jot down inspiration, drawings, magazine clippings anything that can help you figure what your dream is. Once you have that dream set, start chasing it and don’t give up. If you are rejected because you don’t have enough experience, or they don’t think you are the right fit, keep going. Because that is life, it’ll knock you down more than you can get up but you keep on at it.
Chasing your dreams feels more like a dream at times because sometimes the things you see yourself doing seem to far from reach or impossible but that’s the great part about chasing what you love; anything is possible! No matter what path you choose whether it is the fashion industry, a doctor, engineer, speech pathologist, teacher, etc. you are wanting to do that profession for a reason and when you remember why you wanted to do it use that as your inspiration to go and make your dreams happen.
Thinking about your future is scary I know but it’s also exciting, because all the while your focusing on school your also discovering a new you; a more adult you. The best key to success and making dreams come true is surrounding yourself with all the right people, people who encourage you, love you, support you, and make you feel like the superstar you are!
Like my motto says: Dream it. Wish it. Do it.

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