Dress Your Age, Girl!

Have you ever been accused of dressing older than you are? Do you find yourself reaching for those old, tired stand bys? Fear not, young lady. Read on for the keys to dressing like the young, smart, successful college woman that you are.

• Wearing modern, foundational pieces
These sexy, super versatile pieces go with everything — layered under an oversized sweater or doubled up for fun texture and style. Pair with slim-fitting jeans or pants so you don’t overdo the slouchiness. They also go everywhere – yoga class, a casual night out with your girls or an easy-going night at home. Add some long-sleeved versions of these thin wardrobe workhorses and you’re set for at least two seasons.
• Doubling (or tripling) up on jewelry
Layering thin, delicate necklaces or wearing three or four over-sized cocktail rings, plus a giant statement watch or bracelet says, “I dress with effortless style and grace. Nothing is calculated or overdone.” Be sure the jewelry is not too thick, heavy or sophisticated. Think young, youthful and fun, and not too serious. Add a healthy dose of whimsy and you’re set.
• Wearing the right cut clothing
Flared pants at the knee? How about fluttering and flared at the wrists? Did you happen to inherit some of these pieces? Girl, it’s okay to say yes and nod politely, but do not wear these ancient relics! Styles change, cuts modernize, and fashion is continually updated. You don’t have to take a ride on every train that goes through the station, but don’t get on the late ones.

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