Dressing for an Internship

Once you are in college a certain level of professionalism is expected in your appearance. You are moving into the ‘real world’ soon, and there are expectations. But don’t fret—you still have time to figure out
Some of your internships may have a dress code which makes this whole ordeal a lot less stressful, as it limits you to certain types of clothes. But then the hard part comes in when you have to mesh the company dress code with your own sense of style. Use this time to figure out what you feel comfortable in that also makes you look well dressed. Try out those pencil skirts you never thought looked very comfortable, or try dresses even though you’re a jeans and tee kind of girl. Choose more structured pieces but keep the bright colors, if that’s your style. You can even wear patterns, just make sure that the pieces are professional.
Over the course of the internship you may even find that your style changes, or discover what your style really is. I know I have lost my sense of style a bit since starting college because I fell into the jeans and a tee trap which is almost style-less. Use the internship to push out of your comfort zone and find an actual style of clothing that you like, that you think represents you. This is actually the first step toward dressing like an adult—finding a style and sticking with it.
If you feel like you have no idea where to start, go dress shopping. At work, dresses are kind of the equivalent to jeans and tees, they just look a little nicer. Throwing on a dress might actually be easier than jeans, because it is an outfit in one whereas what shirt you can wear depends on the type of jeans you decide on. Dressing professionally does not necessarily mean putting in more effort!
You can branch out from there to dress pants and button-down shirts if you so choose. You’re still in school, so experiment a little! No one has their life figured out yet (let’s be honest, some of us don’t even have it figured out by graduation) and so how can you be expected to know what your style is? You know it has changed since high school, but how has it changed? Use your internship as not just a learning experience in terms of work but also in terms of fashion and style. But keep it professional!

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