Dressing For Your Day

You know how to dress yourself. You’ve been doing it for a long time. But sometimes there are days and occasions that give you pause. Being a modern, very busy and important woman, sometimes you have crazy days. Let’s say you have to get up, go to an interview, run errands, and then go out for dinner and drinks. You know you’re not going to get home in between. You need to look professional, be comfortable, and be able to transition smoothly into evening – and look and feel good while doing it. We’ve all been there. Here are some simple tricks for pulling it off without lugging around a gym bag’s worth of supplies:

1. Flexible footwear – Choose something that can fit every occasion. Good flex dress level footwear includes low-heeled boots and ballet flats. That way you can look good in your meeting, feel good running errands, and still fit in with your date or your friends at the end of the day. If you have a pump you’re comfortable enough running errands in, more power to you! Just don’t wear your stilettos or your jogging sneakers; you want something you can dress up or down. That saves you from lugging an extra pair around, too.
2. Layering – Check the weather to make sure you won’t be sweating or shivering, but most days you can get away with some sneaky layering. An outfit can be dressed up or down with a small item like a blazer, cardigan, or bomber jacket. A black blazer can add professionalism and be easily thrown in your purse or onto a hook when you want to look more casual.
3. Face wipes and essential make up items – The easiest thing is to do your make up in the morning for the first thing you have to do, then bring only the items you need to transition that look. If you’re using face wipes, however, that will mean taking off your makeup, so be prepared for that. That said, a good face wipe can make you feel refreshed and fix that gunky, tired, oily situation you get from hustling all day. I personally bring around concealer, mascara, and lipstick or gloss. If I’m going somewhere fancy, I might add eyeliner, eye shadow, and/or blush, but my smaller, cheaper ones rather than the nice but bulky stuff I might use at home.
4. Jewelry in the bag – Bringing something small, like a change of earrings or a different necklace, can modify your whole look for different events and activities.
5. A granola bar and a bottle of water – Ok, this isn’t how you dress, but it can contribute to how you look. If you’re heading into a long day, be sure to bring a healthy snack. It’ll keep you feeling peppy, and you don’t look as tired when you don’t feel as tired. Giving your body what it needs to get you through the day can make the difference between dark circles under your eyes and a stifled yawn or the glowing presence you usually bring to a room.

Hope these are helpful, and don’t work too hard!

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