Dressing for your First Job Interview

You are brilliant. You are an inspiration. You have worked so hard and it’s paid off — you have landed your first job interview. It would be an understatement to say that dressing appropriately for this event is important. We all know that you have to dress somewhat conservatively for most formal job interviews, that’s a given. The trick is to know when to spice things up a bit and show your personality. Read on for some tips and tricks on nailing that job interview look:
• You don’t have to wear a suit – A boring skirt suit with a knee length skirt is of course always appropriate, but there’s no danger in choosing a more modern form of the traditional suit. Why not go with great-fitting trousers and a beautiful long sleeve blouse? Add a cardigan and you look polished and pretty, not boring. Make sure the fit is perfect.

• Stick to neutral colors – Ditch the super bright blazers, tights or pants. Nothing says cheap and unsophisticated like something too bright, shiny or tight. This rule also goes for make-up and nail color. Stick to warm and flattering neutrals just for this interview.

• Show a little color and sparkle — Wearing a black suit? Great, you can’t go wrong, but how about revealing a little about you and your personal style by jazzing up your look with a jewel-colored blouse? Or a (small) piece of vintage jewelry? Or subtly-patterned tights? Employers want to know who you really are before they hire you, so don’t be afraid to show a bit of your true, fashionable self?

Finding just the right job interview look for you may take some hunting. Don’t be afraid to go into the women’s section of department stores and look at your options. Often, the women’s section will have more sophisticated, quality pieces you can wear to the interview and beyond.

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