Dressing in Your 20’s

Hey! My name is Nicolas Castellano and I am currently a senior at Georgia State University in my home town of Atlanta, Georgia. My family comes from a very diverse background having been brought up in Florida. From a young age, my Father thought it important for me to learn Spanish, so he instilled that in all three of his children which I am extremely grateful for today. I love being in the city and meeting people from all walks of life which is why I have decided to double major in Human Resources and Public Relations while minoring in Film. I’ve interned with a marketing research company and learned a lot about how companies target audiences for their products and services. I volunteer at the news station on campus as a video editor and videographer. Everyone is assigned different positions, but we all work as a team to achieve a similar goal. As new stories and time restrictions come in each week things can get hectic and unpredictable, but I love every second of it and I wouldn’t change a thing about how we operate at the station! I also work with independent film crews around the city to produce short films for different film festivals that come around each year.
Title: “Dressing in Your 20’s: A Guy’s Take”
I have zero experience in fashion design. Zip, nada, none. The only advice I’ve ever received was from my older sister who taught me as a kid that gelling your bangs up was cool, and that the guys on Dawson’s Creek did it so I should do it. I didn’t want to, however, my sister is 7 years older than me and she did have attractive friends who thought I was “cute”. Now, I might have been 9 years old, but dang-it I was cute! And I wanted cute, to go to hot in a hurry. I realized if I wanted to look good for women, I better start getting advice from women on how to dress.
So, the next year I turned ten years old thus, bringing an end to the 90’s. And my caring what women thought pretty much went out the window when I graduated to middle school. I think I even wore my favorite swim trunks to school one day in the 7th grade. However, I was able to land a girlfriend in 8th grade when I grew my hair out and wore an American Eagle shirt. When high school came it was time to reconsider my look. Not only did I want to fit in, but I didn’t want to get beat up either. Through high school I was pretty conscious of my look and my style changed several times as I got closer to graduation.
I remember the start of college being so radically different from high school. When I moved in everyone just looked so carefree. They looked, comfortable. When I met my roommate he was wearing a sweater and sweat pants with the school’s colors on it. He wore what was comfortable to him and just didn’t seem to care what anyone thought of it. Even just being on campus for the first time was liberating. It made me want to think for myself, to grow and mature, and to finally dress how I felt comfortable.
I learned that in order to dress comfortably, I had to tailor my style to my physical features while trying to highlight my attributes. For example, I come from a long line of short, hairy Italians and I hate shaving, so? I wear a low beard and keep it well groomed.Before meeting with my girlfriend’s parents I was stressing out on what to wear until I realized, I already dress appropriately enough to meet her parents!
I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes but once in a while if I see something nice I’ll buy it. I own two suits which have proven to be a very good investment now that I’m getting older and weddings and potential job interviews are approaching. I’ve found that the most expensive things aren’t always the most comfortable. I can dress comfortably and still be presentable by wearing denim jeans, solid colored button ups, t-shirts and long sleeved shirts and sweaters. If they happen to be a brand named shirt, what the heck, as long as it’s not super expensive and it fits me. I avoid wearing a lot of designer sneakers and shoes because they draw a lot of attention to my feet, which again doesn’t make me comfortable. Instead I wear solid colored sneakers and brown or black boots depending on which belt I’m wearing. I’ve found that dressing this way is presentable, approachable, relaxing, and comfortable to those who see me on and off campus.

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