Dropping Out of College

This is a scary topic because you don’t make plans to go to college just to drop out.Here are some signs that you shouldn’t, or should, consider dropping out.
You’re Overall Happy at College
Overall, you are 80% of the time happy at college. Sure, there are some hard hitting moments that knock you on your behind and make you question whether college is really for you, but no situation is perfect. Expecting perfect happiness in any situation will just set you up for failure. Realize that sometimes you’ll just want to cry your eyes out. Then blow your nose, dry your eyes, and remind yourself of all the fun you’ve had. You’ll get back on track pretty fast
On the flip side, if you are 80% miserable at college you better evaluate what you are doing wrong. No, it isn’t the college’s fault or the people around you. You are now an adult and must take responsibly for your actions. Maybe you are simply miserable because you’ve chosen the wrong major. Or maybe you haven’t yet adapted to college life. If there are easy fixes then make them, even if they seem hard. However if you have tried to fix the situation, then you might seriously think about quitting.

Developing Skills You Need

Some career paths really need the higher learning institutions behind them. There are careers out there that won’t let you past their golden doors without a degree because they just know that foundation of learning will be necessary. However there are degrees that colleges offer that maybe they shouldn’t. For example, theater. If you want to be an actress go take some classes in well-respected institutions in New York or L.A. Network with the right crowd. You might get further in your chosen career for cheaper and faster than you would at college. Another example is that you might be a huge exception and are better off being self-taught.


There is nothing wrong with going to college just because you got a full ride. Maybe you earned a scholarship. Maybe it was part of your military service package (yes this is possible for women too). If the monstrously expensive institution of college comes free, why not take advantage and get your degree. Just don’t major in something useless. Then even though you aren’t wasting money, you’re wasting time. However if your student loans are going to be so huge at the end of your four years that you are looking at a massive amount of debt at the age of twenty-three you might want to reconsider school. Or at least look for a cheaper one, or better yet, one that will give you a scholarship.

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