Dry Shampoo

The new standard in beauty is stepping away from the bottle (of shampoo) and washing your hair less. Much less. Most hairstylists are telling their clients to only wash their hair 2times a weeks at the most. If you have colored hair, this especially applies to you. All of the chemicals in your water are wrecking your color and causing it to fade and change. Plus washing your hair stripes it of the essential natural oils that give it that give it that “I just stepped out of a hair commercial” shine. I like the idea of not having to wash my hair as much. Think about how much time it will save only have to blow it dry twice a week. And I am all for anything that will make my blonde highlights last a little longer. Here’s the catch, not washing your hair leaves you with hair that, well, looks and smells like it hasn’t been washed. That’s not cute for anyone. So when I whined to my hairstylist she told me to give dry shampoo a try. Wow, this stuff is amazing!!! It really does make my hair look like it was just washed. It’s a miracle in a bottle! Here is the catch: there are a lot of different versions of dry shampoo out there and not all of them live up to the hype. First you have to decide if you want the spray version of the powder version. Next you need to find one that works well with your hair type. Some I’ve tried were just too thick and made my hair feel heavy and full of product. Last of all, you need to find one with a smell you can handle. I am not sure why, but every version has a super strong perfume scent to it. But once you land that perfect brand, you will be in hair heaven. Plus, you will get to sleep in just a little longer in the morning. Now that’s a win-win to me!

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