Dual-Performing Beauty Products

Do your friends or boyfriend complain that it takes you forever to get ready? Want to cut down the time it takes it to perform your beauty routine? Two-in-one products are the answer! These beauty workhorses pack double the punch.
• Cheek/ Lip color – Available in compacts, powders, creams, or gels, these dual cheek and lip color formulas are a life-saver for the girl on the go. Usually in a compact, these products are easy to toss in your bag for all day color. Triple the points if the shade you choose works on your eyelids as well.

• Concealer/Foundation – If you’re blessed with an amazing complexion, you really only need this type of product to make cover, conceal and smooth your skin. Used sparingly and in just the right areas, this skin-saving power horse makes you look like you’re not wearing make-up at all.

• Highlighter/Illuminizer – A make-up artist’s secret, the right application of this magical, pearly fluid make-up can show off your cheekbones or make your eyes pop! A word of warning: use sparingly and not on any part of your face you don’t want to highlight, such as your nose or full cheeks.

• Top coat/Strengthening nail polish – A fabulous clear coat of nail polish not only seals up a manicure, it can strengthen your fingernails so breakage and peeling is kept to a minimum. Reapply every couple days to really extend the time between nail salon visits.

• Bronzer/Blush – You probably already use both of these products every day in your beauty routine anyway. Why not combine these for the ultimate in skin dewiness? Opt for one with swirls of pink and bronze shades so you can custom apply the perfect shade you need. In the summer when you’re rocking a tan, go more for the pink and focus on the apples of your cheeks.

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