Degree in Fashion Design


For those individuals looking to get into the fashion industry but do not want to take the several years necessary to earn a Bachelor’s Degree and higher, an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Fashion Design is one way to get their foot in the door.

These programs are offered online through a large variety of universities, as well as on-campus.  However, students in Associate’s programs tend to lean more towards online courses due to their flexibility and reasonable tuition costs.  These programs provide the skills needed to succeed in the industry but at the pace and schedule that works best with the student.

An Associate’s Degree in this area can be earned by a first-time student but also a student who has already achieved a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in a similar field.  Through the use of online forums and interactive class sessions, the variety of experiences each students have makes the learning experience richer and more diverse.

The classes will focus on the fundamentals of fashion design, teaching students the language of fashion design and history of the industry.  Students will explore the process and skills needed to take an idea, move it from a concept into production.  They will learn the basis of creating fashion design from basic drawing, draping, sewing and tailoring, but in addition to the basics, they will learn the newest technology that has been used to simplify and streamline the design to production process.

Students will also learn the essentials of post-production, taking their product and marketing it to the masses successfully.  Ideally, this process will take students from the very start of a concept to a design to creation and production to retail sale of the product.

It is the hope of many of these programs that students will complete their degree with a complete portfolio that will then be used in their job search.  Students will also have the opportunity to network with and meet professionals in the industry, buyers, designers and other experts.  Some programs will even offer students the opportunity to have these professionals critique their work before it is submitted in the future for production.

All of this can be completed within a course of two years, depending on the student’s schedule.  Two years of hard work and learning will lead to a successful and fulfilling career.

Academy of Art University, Online Education:

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