Masters in fine arts


For those students who want to take their career to the highest level possible, pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Fashion is the right direction for them.  A Masters in Fine Arts can be earned in a variety of fields, fashion being one of them, and these studies take what students learned in undergraduate studies even further.

Like any Master’s Degree program, a great deal of hard work and dedication is required for successful completion.  A Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) looks at fashion at two levels:  design and on a technological level.  The hope for students graduating with an MFA is that they will be able to use skills obtained in the MFA program to create a professional fashion collection or portfolio.

Most MFA programs in fashion require on-campus studies in addition to online coursework, and depending on the amount of credits a student can take on, an MFA can be earned as early as two years.

Most MFA programs involve a smaller, close-knit group of students who collaborate on projects while working individually as well.  Students are asked to develop their own ideas and experiment with designs, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and thinking outside the box.

Courses focus on subjects including market analysis, design, marketing and promotion, product development, and more.  Students will use the latest computer technology to design and produce professional product.  They will examine the success of various designers or a trend, comparing them to what makes a brand successful and what does not.  Ultimately, their work is to culminate in a portfolio presentation.

Like any Master’s program, students will be asked to complete a Final Project, similar to a Thesis, demonstrating mastery of skills learned.  Their Final Projects will include production of a professional fashion collection, portfolio or merchandising project.  These projects should help students in the long run, as they will have concrete examples of their work when seeking employment.

It takes a lot of work and dedication but for the aspiring fashion student, earning an MFA in fashion studies is all worth it in the end.

Academy of Art University, Online Education:

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