Free date ideas

Alexa Johnson

Oh, the woes of being a college freshman. No where else can you be confined to the fortress of your residence hall or reliant on the bank account of your parents… except for at home of course.

But you are NOT at home. You are a grown man or woman for goodness sake and you should be able to take another human being of interest out for a decent night on the town! How embarrassing it is to show up for a date with your dad’s credit card, or worse, on a tandem bicycle because you’re not allowed to bring your car to campus yet.

Here are some cheap and walk-able destinations you can go on with a sweetie as a young undergraduate…

• Stargazing
• Cook Your Own Dinner
• Take a Walk in the Park
• See a student-produced play
• Go to a school athletic game
• Watch a movie marathon
• Volunteer
• Take a hike or go on a bike ride
• Go mini-golfing
• Ice-skating
• Attend an adventure trip offered at your school’s gym
• Thrift shopping
• Build a pillow fort
• Have a game night with other friends, too
• Watch the sunset or sunrise
• Pack your own picnic
• Window shopping
• Attend an on-campus poetry reading
• Go to the zoo
• Visit your local animal shelter and play with the pups
• Go dancing (salsa lessons, anyone?)
• Fishing

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