Easy Office Style

Offices may not be known for their flattering lightening but it is still easy to look great while you are at the office with minimal effort. Just remember to keep things simple. Follow a few easy so that you can get out of the house in no time in the morning and stay looking amazing all day long.

Go-To Hair Styles

If you have shoulder length to long hair, two of the best things to invest in are dry shampoo and a hair bun donut. Dry shampoo is priceless when you are running late and need to still look professional. In fact, it is great to have a stash in your bag or desk. A travel size bottle of it can last you a long time.

A hair bun donut is a great style for days when you need to look polished but don’t have the time to style your hair. Once you get the method down, you can typically have your hair styled within about two minutes.

Makeup Must Haves

The key to good office makeup is simplicity. Stick with basic styles and oft for waterproof makeup so that you don’t have to worry about doing mid day touch-ups. Minimal amounts of neutral shades of eye makeup are always appropriate and easy to do on a rushed morning. A touch of lipstick is an eyeway to look put together and add a pop of color. Avoid dramatic eyes combined with dramatic lips but, if you want just a little drama in your makeup, lipstick is fast and easy.

If you are always working at a desk, you should get a makeup bag stashes into one of the drawers. It certainly doesn’t need to be a replica of your makeup bag at home but it should contain the basics. Think about the problems that you generally run into on a weekly basis. If you are prone to dry skin, add some lotion. If you have oily skin, get some oil absorbing blotting issues. A little bit of dry shampoo and detergent are always good on hot summer days or just any time you want up too late for a shower. Also add in some basics like dental floss and mints as well as a compact with pressed powder.

Don’t Annoy Your Coworkers

One of the most frequently cited irritants to people working in an open office space is perfum. Be a courteous colleague and keep your fragrance minimal. Stick with a small spritz and never spray it on at your desk . There are a lot of people with fragrance allergies and even your fellow perfume lovers may have different scent preferences. If you love a midday spritz, consider getting some scented lotion. It’s a great way to wake yourself up during a long day at the office but isn’t as strong as regular perfume and won’t linger as long.

Another subtle but tacky office no-no is chipped nails. If your nail polish is starting to chip, you don’t need to wait until you have time for your next manicure. If fact, once you have a couple of noticeable chips, simply remove your nail polish. Bare nails are always much better than a messy manicure.

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