Internet marketing education

Internet marketing is a specialization under marketing. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in this field will be required to go to college following high school graduation. Internet marketing is a combination of marketing and business education as well as online and social media. As a result, there is no specific program offered at the undergraduate level. However, students can pursue a degree or diploma in marketing and business administration and specialize in internet marketing courses. Or they can choose to enroll in a professional program following their undergraduate studies to fine tune their skills in this area.
Because internet marketing requires marketers to work online most of the time, it is not surprising that these courses are offered both online and in class formats. However, in order to get the most out of the experience through teamwork and discussions, students may want to consider taking the in class programs. Here are some the courses which students may take in these programs:
• Digital marketing strategies: Students will learn about the different digital marketing channels and tools and the role which digital marketing plays in the overall marketing strategy. They will learn to develop digital communication strategies to support the company’s overall branding and marketing vision.
• Social media analytics: These courses introduce students to the tools which capture their target audience’s behavior on social media. As social media becomes an important way for companies to promote their products and engage with their customers, internet marketers need to have a solid grasp of these analytical tools in order to measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns and their effect on the company’s overall internet marketing strategy.
• Writing: Writing for electronic media is not the same as communicating via traditional media channels. Nowadays, with so much information on the internet, consumers’ attention span becomes shorter and as a result, the content needs to be relevant and concise in order to get their attention and ask them to follow through with an action. Students will learn various writing techniques and learn about the best practices used in the industry that have been successful in acquiring new and retaining existing customers.
• E-commerce: As the internet becomes a one stop shop for information and purchases for customers, companies are exploring ecommerce strategies as an additional channel of distribution for products and services. In these courses, students will learn about overall website design in alignment with today’s consumer behavior, creating and marketing content, and strategies on how to attract new customers while retaining existing ones.
• Advertising strategies: Digital content for online advertising is vastly different from advertising in traditional media channels. Students will learn about some of the more popular online advertising opportunities and develop a strategic approach to advertising which support the company’s overall marketing objectives.
• Mobile marketing: Internet marketing is no longer limited to just the computer these days. As mobile phones sales outpace those of computers, marketers can no longer ignore the importance of marketing to mobile customers. They will learn about responsive website design, tools to engage with mobile customers and how social media can support their mobile marketing initiatives.
For more information on the courses required for internet marketing, please contact the marketing department of your local college or your high school counsellor.
1. Certificate in Digital Marketing. NYU School of Professional Studies.

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