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Tailoring and fashion design is a multi-million dollar industry. Tailoring is no longer just replicating simple patterns, but it’s creating bespoke pieces that suit the taste and body of the individual discerning customer. While a formal education is not required to be a tailor, as it was once a trade that was passed down through the generations, it is highly recommended as not all students have this type of knowledge and should hone in their skills on the fundamental elements of the industry before embarking on a career in it.
Most community colleges offer fashion design courses, for students who wish to break into the fashion industry rather than pursue a career in tailoring, they should consider taking a program offered by some of the largest fashion design institutes in the country. Given that fashion is a very competitive field, some schools require students to have previous sewing experience at a high school level and they may have to submit a portfolio to support their college application.
The programs range anywhere from two years and onwards depending on which school you are enrolled in. Below are just some of the courses students can expect to take in a fashion program1:
• Fashion Design: These courses cover the construction, the graphic design and the construction of fashion design. Students are given a course syllabus where they have to submit design assignments based on the criteria.
• Colour Theory: Students will learn about the different colour families that suit different complexions and how that impacts your overall design. They will also learn about each season’s trend in colour, interpreting the meaning behind the choice.
• Construction Techniques: This is where the design vision meets the reality. Students not only have to learn about the various techniques to constructing a piece of clothing, but they also learn how certain techniques are designed to flatter a certain part of the body while others may alter the look of the overall product completely. This course also teaches students how to create patterns once the design phase has been approved by the client.
• Sketching: Computers may be a bit limited when trying to produce the first design which may be more artistic than technical. Students will have the opportunity to learn about sketching techniques through a live model.
• Computer Design: Once the sketches are approved, students will have the opportunity to create technical specs of the clothing in order to be properly cut and sewed to size.
If you are someone who receives satisfaction from a well-tailored piece of clothing or interpreting the trends from the catwalk to an everyday application, tailoring is a great career for you. For more information on the types of programs available for the career of a tailor locally, please contact your career counselor.
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