Eight Tips to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

1. Create Pillowy Lips the Easy Way

Rather than dealing with sticky potions or scary injections, trying layering. Start with a light nude shade, add a touch of light pink, then add another layer of nude lipstick. After you have triple layered, add a thin dusty of pink blush.

2. Work with What You Have

If you are out of nude lipstick, use a white pencil to create a matte look. It will tone down the redness in your lips. If you don’t have a white pencil, use a dab of foundation for lightening.

If you are out of blush or just looking to create a pop of color midday, use a little lipstick. Dab a couple of dots on then blend well.

3. Use a Cream Eye Shadow for an Easy Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eye doesn’t have to be complicated. Cream eye shadow is far easy to work with because it is much more blendable. If you want to add a little drama to your look without all the fuss and product, experiment with shade of cream eye shadow to create a smokey eye in every color of the rainbow.

4. Create a More Natural Contouring

Forget about using bronzer to contour under your cheekbones. Any powder that is glittery or shiny is going to look unnatural. The goal of contouring is to create depth so stay away from anything flashing. Your easiest tool is matte grey shadow. Apply it light for a subtle, natural look.

When you are adding a highlighter, use a fan brush. Highlighter that is too concentrated in a particular area will look unnatural. Stick with a subtle look so you can just dust it on and go.

5. Wake Your Eyes Up

Nothing can replace a good night’s sleep but you don’t need an arsenal of creams and highlighters to wake up your look. If your eyes look bloodshot or you just want to maximize their size, add some white liner. A line of white eyeliner across our lower tearline, will make your eyes pop and create a bright-eyed look.

6. Start Rolling Your Polish

Rather than shaking your bottle of nail polish before you paint it on, get in the habit of rolling it. Shaking can be too harsh and create air bubbles. For a smooth finish, always roll the bottle between your hands.

7. Remember Proper Curling Iron Technique

Forget about using the clamp on your curling iron. It’s too easy to create a dent in your hair. Stick with just wrapping your hair around the barrel then hold the ends in between your fingers to keep it taut. For natural looking loose waves, be sure to always hold the barrel parallel to your head.

8. Stop Connecting the Lines for Wider Eyes

Smokey eyes and heavy eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller but that is only if you encircle your eyes with color. If you want to add a pop of color or create a dramatic look, keep applying liner but be sure to keep the lines open. Your bottom liner should not connect with your upper liner.

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