Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers


Another job for those who are interested in a career in electronics is in installation and repair.  These folks are involved in many different work settings such as factories, the utilities, telecommunications, and the transportation industry and virtually any place that has electric equipment. The median salary is about $52K per year.

What Kind of Work is Involved in this Kind of Position?

Electrical Installers and Repairpersons will begin by drawing up cost estimates for the installation or repairs for the clients.  They will need to be able to read and understand guides, schematics and manufacturer specs.  They must be familiar with all of the parts, fuses, gaskets, motors in order to repair or replace them, along with being able to disassemble and reassemble the items they are working on. These folks will need to have excellent color vision for wiring, technical skills, and problem solving skills.

What Kind of Education is Required for this Career?

To begin in this field of electronics, a candidate will need to get some post-secondary schooling and specialized training in electronics at a technical school or community college. They must have knowledge in electrical equipment.  Some facilities will provide special training with the manufacturer of electrical equipment.  Some of these courses are taught at the employee’s place of business.  They may also receive on-the-job training. In addition, there are several certifications, registrations, and licenses that will provide a candidate with foot-in-the-door qualifications in being hired for this position. If you are lucky enough to get into a company that has an education assistance program, you can always pursue getting a degree in electronics or even an engineering degree, where you will make almost twice the amount of salary.

What Is the Outlook for Electro-mechanical Tech?

This is a huge field, because there are so many electrical appliances and avenues for installation and repair of them.  There are people who work in shops and do bench repair, they work in manufacturing facilities, in auto garages, in various utilities’ fields—electric companies, telephone and cell phone industries, cable TV and Satellite Companies, as well as small appliance repair shops, and hundreds more.  In that respect, there will always be jobs available in this field.  But will the field be expanding?  The prospected growth in this career field is for little to no change.  That does not mean that there won’t jobs available; it only means that the field has probably expanded to its limit—but it is stable and will always have need for employees.


Elaine M. Long

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