Embrace diversity

No single person is better than anyone else. A fact that many high school students tend to forget. Everyone has their flaws and everyone has something that they are better at than someone else. Some people can play sports, some play instruments. Some prefer to draw, others excel in their academics.
Being better at one of these over the other doesn’t make you a better human being – and certainly leaves no room for bullying. In high school, you probably know of a situation where you see someone being bullied just because they are different. Or, maybe you have been on the receiving end of someone else’s hurtful words.
What is important to remember is that it is not you making them act this way. Some people have complicated ways of handling the hardships that they are facing in their life – sometimes that way means they inflict hurtful words on others.
The best thing you can do is embrace who you are as a person through all of your strengths and flaws. Every little bit of who you are as a person is unique and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. All that matters is that you are happy living in your own skin and there should never be any person who takes that away from you.
You should encourage people to embrace the differences that you all have. Diversity is a beautiful thing that brings a variety of educational opportunities. Everyone has his or her own backgrounds and experiences that make them who they are – no two people are the same.
In college, this diversity is going to be even bigger when you have classmates and roommates from other cities, states, and regions of the country or even the world. Bullying is certainly not going to be tolerated under those circumstances. You all are going to have something different to bring to the table and those are situations that you should learn and grow from. One of the many reasons why college is some of the best years of your life – but bullying is certainly not.

Fitting in is boring – rise above and be the best version of yourself that you can dream of without letting others influence how you feel.

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